Student Support Group

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A few Tips to help you through the School Year....from my professional friends. 1. Stock up on ready for last minute school projects and assignments. Get markers, index cards, poster boards and other items that may come in handy throughout the school year. (if possible, buy in bulk) 2. Consolidate meal making...prepare lunches for the day while you're making dinner. You'll be able to cross of one more item from the morning checklist and have one cleanup instead of two. 3. File school papers...use a cabinet drawer or file box to store and organize your children's school materials. Each subject should have its own tab and folder-kids can unload weekly papers to save for later. 4. Color-code your bags...use colored tote bags, one for each activity to store equipment and supplies. Put them in the same place every day, ideally near the door. That way, you can easily grab the right bag on your way out without having to empty and refill a single bag. 5. Use a large whiteboard...a functional calendar that everyone can update is essential to managing multiple schedules. Hang the board in a conspicuous spot (e. g. the kitchen) and use it to track school events, practices, games, recitals and appointments.